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Internet Guidelines:


The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.(Prov 15:3 KJV)

As a Congregation we have accepted internet only with an acceptable filter.

Remember, This is a safegard, it does not take the place of being first accountable to God.

Also it is not intended for Parental Supervision.


One accepatible filter is BSAFE filtering with the reporting feature enabled.

To set Bsafe up properly, Follow these steps.

1. Go to www.bsafehome.com by clicking here.

2. Select Buy it now for immediate download. Then continue the checkout process.

3. Download your filter. When you finish checking out. Bsafe will give you an option to download your filter. If you can't download it there, or wish to download it on different computer. Just login using the username and password you have chosen at time of purchase. You are then given the option of downloading your filter.

5. Install your filter.

6. Resart your computer

7. Set your reporting feature on.

A. Got to BSAFE and Login to your account.

B. Click on the underlined Enabled or Disabled under Reporting.

C. On the EMAIL ADDRESSES screen add reports@tangentmennonite.org at least one more email address of someone outside your household. If you want it yourself, also add your email address. Then select OK

D. Go to the OPTIONS screen and select, COLLECT AND SEND THE REPORTS.

E. Also on the OPTIONS screen set your accountability password to Tangent. (Capital first letter rest lower case) If you would prefer to use your own password make sure you give the password to those who will be receiving the report. Select OK and you are finished.

If you have difficulty installing this software please get someone to help.